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InterCarto-InterGIS 24

24.07.2018 - 28.07.2018

Interdisciplinary Conference on

Geoinformation and
Sustainable Development

Bonn, July 24-28, 2018

Conference Co-Chairs
Horst Kremers, Berlin, Germany
Vladimir S. Tikunov, Moscow , Russia
Conference Web Site: http://intercarto24.net/index.shtml

The InterCarto meetings each have a specific thematic component.

The UN international programs (IPBES, SDGs, Agenda 2030,  IPCC, ISDR, HABITAT etc.) as well as UN Development Group Strategic Plans (e.g. UN SP on Forests)  and the relevant directives of the European Union and other  bi- / multi-national treaties including norms, standards and cross-programs-policies provide a thematic framework, which we would like to focus in 2018  mainly with regard to Nature Conservation, Biological Diversity, Landscape Protection, Risk and Resilience.

Nature Conservation, Spatial Ecology, Biological Diversity, Landscape Protection, Environmental Risks, Resilience, Wetland Habitats, Agriculture, Migrating Birds, Technical Infrastructures Corridors, Biodiversity, Habitats, Biomes, Sustainable Development Goals, Marine Protected Areas, Deep Sea Mining, Desertification, Fisheries, Climate Change, Monitoring, Enforcement, Ecosystem Services, Biogeography, Environmental/Risk Impact Analysis, Synergies, Scenarios etc.

organized by
the German National Committee for CODATA, Committee on Data for Science and Technology of the
International Council for Science (ICSU)

in cooperation with
Bundesanstalt für Naturschutz Bonn, 
International Cartographic Association Commission on GI & Sustainability,
DGfK e.V. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie und Geomatik,
GI German Informatics Society TC Environmental Informatics